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traXess ensures that companies are able to meet their legal obligations to their business travellers.

In doing so, the up-and-coming company from Dietikon near Zurich tackles a huge task and major responsibility for every company.

The biggest challenge for traXess and their clients is incomplete traveller profile data. As a matter of fact, often more than 30% of the company’s booking files are not suitable for traveller tracking, risk management and other components of your duty of care solution.

This problem is easily and very effectively resolvable with Umbrella Faces! Umbrella Faces guarantees complete and correct profile information.

In the following interview with Michael Casati and Urs Humbel from traXess you will learn why the connection between “duty of care” requirements and profile management is absolutely essential for companies:

Michael, Urs, what legal obligations do companies have to meet with regard to their employees during business travel?

It is about the duty of care. Companies must ensure that travellers

  • are promptly informed of medical requirements and safety risks
  • are promptly informed of acute changes on site
  • are provided with the necessary insurance in a timely manner

In the event of damages on business trips abroad, the burden of proof always lies with the employer. This results in considerable liability risks for a company.

What exactly do you do for your customers?
We ensure that the company knows all planned or implemented trips by its employees at any time – with just the push of a button.
To do this, we consolidate booking data from various sources: from travel agencies/TMCs as well as from direct bookings with airlines or hotels.  Based on this booking data, we then offer security solutions. This includes, among other things, the most recent risk information about the respective countries visited, security alerts and an app with an emergency button for travellers.

In the event of an incident, a company’s security manager can immediately have an overview of who is where.

traXess is also known for unusually comprehensive and precise travel data reporting!
That’s right! Since we process and prepare data from all possible booking channels, we can provide excellent reports for travel managers and cost centre managers. In this respect we are probably superior to any TMC internal tool. Our reports are always cross-border and cross-TMC. Some examples are

  • classic expense reports
  • market shares
  • CO2 reports
  • tax reports

Our reporting tool is a USP of traXess that is greatly appreciated by many customers.

Speaking of customers: who are your customers?
We are currently working mainly with major international companies.
However, there is also increasing interest from smaller companies, especially if they have already had “incidents” on international business trips.

For this we are happy to cooperate with business travel agencies. Some TMCs also work together with us to build up their own competence in risk management and to offer these services directly to their customers as a reseller, something we think is very good.

With the integration of Umbrella Faces and traXess, we are now able to jointly solve the big problem of data quality in traveller tracking. Duty of care relies on clean data. If we cannot make a clear association between a booking and traveller, the carefully prepared quality and compliance checks are not effective.
In practice it is mostly simple things such as:

  • incorrect or unclear names
  • incorrect or unclear company names
  • incorrect company classifications
  • incorrect or missing email addresses
  • incorrect or missing mobile numbers

These errors can create big problems for a company in the event of an incident.

And can that be solved together with Umbrella Faces?
With the integration of Umbrella Faces and traXess, we can offer simple but excellent solutions for the quality problem in the area of data. Faces offers all the kinds of data checks and validation that we need.

Do you see other ways to implement Umbrella Faces in the duty of care?
Yes, that is something we will surely expand soon. One topic, for example, is visa and passport management. Another is required or recommended vaccinations for a trip.

We are looking forward to further projects with you! Thank you for your time and insight, it always great talking to you guys.

Umbrella Organisation AG
Binzstrasse 33
CH - 8620 Wetzikon

Phone: +41 44 933 53 90
E-Mail: info@umbrella.ch