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Hotel Booking meets Profile Management

Clean, accurate travel profiles from Umbrella guarantee flawless booking flows in ehotel. Umbrella Faces customers can now synchronize all traveler profiles in real-time to the Berlin-based hotel platform.

ehotel is specifically designed for the needs of business travel organizations. Think of a “meta-booking engine” for hotels that combines the best rates from other platforms such as booking.com or HRS with your own company rates. To top it off, ehotel also offers a centralized billing for all your hotel invoices – just like a BSP for hotels.

Interested? Please call us at +41 79 842 1687 or send an email to support@umbrella.ch.

Umbrella Organisation AG
Binzstrasse 33
CH - 8620 Wetzikon

Phone: +41 44 933 53 90
E-Mail: info@umbrella.ch