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Release Info 27th November 2017

New Target GDS (Interfaces) new design & function

The drop-down menu in the “Interfaces” section at the company profile will be changed to check boxes.

This functionality is provides the possibility of combining different interfaces, formerly it was only possible to select a single or all Target GDS’s. With this new function it is also possible to de-select all Target GDS and only save the profile in Faces without publishing to the GDS. By adding a new company only one Target GDS is activated. Please be award, that the deactivation of a GDS including a <Save>, will automatically delete company and all associated travellers in the deactivated GDS.

Cytric Source

With the following source the Home Address Email can be synchronised to/from Cytric.


More sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Cytric_Source .

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