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We make them match!

Connect your HR files to Umbrella!

Receiving proper HR data from companies is essential for TMCs. It guarantees up-to-date information on new hires, people who are leaving, and employees who are changing jobs.

The simplest and most effective way to integrate these HR feeds into a TMC’s profile management is through Umbrella.

It takes just a few hours to connect an HR feed to your profile management:

  1. Send us a sample – whatever you have, we can handle any format from any HR system
  2. Define the frequency of the HR feed (anything between “every minute” and “once a month”)
  3. Umbrella charges only a small one-off fee for the integration
  4. The interface will be up and running within a few days

Interested? Call us on +41 79 842 1687 or drop an email to helmut.pilz@umbrella.ch

Umbrella Organisation AG
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Phone: +41 44 933 53 90
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