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Release Info 12th April 2018

Phone-Country-Code & Flag

For every Faces field in which a phone number can be entered (phone business, phone private etc.) a drop down of existing phone-country-codes with flag is available.

Example traveller profile:

  • For every new traveller profile the phone-country-code from the company country is automatically selected.
  • For existing profiles a neutral phone-country-code & flag (no content) will exist.
  • If a profile is created/modified from external system (Cytric, HR-Feed, Read from profile etc.) and the phone number contains e.g. “0041” or “+41” the phone-country-code & flag will be selected.

Sabre improvements

Primary Passport always first offical document

The primary passport is always published as the first “Official Documents” into the Sabre Red Profile.

New Sources “Air Preference” and “Employment Information”

The Sabre fields can now be synchronised by using the following new sources in the “my agency” custom field definitions:

Air Preferences – Discount Vendor and Discount ID: DIS¥
Note: Airline Vendor and Discount ID need to be stored in a single custom field

Employment Information

  • Employee ID: employeeId
  • Cost Center:   employeeCostCenter
  • Department:  department
  • Project ID:      projectId

Additional sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Sabre_Source

Administrator “all companies”

We enhanced the function for the administrator “Support function – Administrate companies – Manage all companies”.


  • Custom fields with “R/W” AGENCY_ONLY are read- & writeable
  • All fields in the company “Interface Setup” are readable

Refresh Screen after change of language

By changing the language preference in any profile the Faces UI is automatically dispalying the chosen language. No browser refresh or log out & log in is needed anymore.


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