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Finass – VIP service for everyone

A business trip on foot! The newest Umbrella customer Finass is situated just 3 kilometres from our headquarters in Wetzikon.

Learn how Daniel Wittwer and Marc Brunner’s team excite discerning business travel customers with Umbrella and an exceptionally high standard of quality.

Daniel, Marc, what do your customers especially appreciate about the service they get from Finass?
Every customer has a dedicated, experienced contact person at Finass. This also applies to customers who book primarily via an OBE. Often, we know each other personally. This creates mutual trust and satisfaction.

It is also a matter of course for us to offer 24/7 service completely in-house; in other words, with our own employees.


You very cleverly combine your business travel service with offers for private travel. Can you give us a concrete example of how it looks?
The employees of our corporate customers benefit from our bonus package for private holiday travel. This package offers significant discounts and free extra services such as seat reservations, lounge access or room upgrades.

Many customers really appreciate this. The service also promotes lasting customer loyalty.


Who are typical Finass customers?
Our customers are often so-called hidden champions. These are relatively unknown companies with high travel intensity that often fall through the cracks of larger providers. Our VIP service is also used by the senior management of large companies. This is where our very high quality standards are decisive.


How do you use Umbrella Faces and what are the main advantages?
We are currently using Faces with Amadeus cytric customers. Both the installation of new profiles and the entire profile maintenance is done in the OBE which saves both our customers and us a lot of time and money.


Which IT solutions besides Umbrella Faces do you use?
We currently work with Amadeus, Galileo, Amadeus cytric and Concur, as well as with Hotelplan’s midoffice and backoffice system HIT.


Daniel, you have travelled a lot in your life. What was the most impressive experience?
A houseboat tour on the Mahakam River in the south-eastern part of the island Borneo. We spent a good week boating through the breath-taking and largely pristine wilderness. The boats are very spartan, but that’s what makes the very intense outdoor adventure truly authentic.


Thank you for the great interview!






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