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Release Info 09th May 2018

Interfaces setup company – NEW for Cytric

The display of the Cytric Interface-Setup at company level changed slightly. The fields “Cytric Org.” and “Cytric Sever” moved to the list of Target GDS. The Cytric checkbox needs to be activated to view both fields.

With this change we improved the following process:

  • If Cytric Org. is removed from the company profile, also all linked traveller profiles in Cytric are deleted.
  • If company profile is deleted, also all linked traveller profiles in Cytric are deleted.
  • Press “Disconnect travellers form Cytric” before execute above transaction to prevent deletion of Cytric profiles.

GDPR Informative duty – Print profile

In oder to meet the GDPR requirement to be able to inform a traveller of all stored data it is possilble to print the traveller profile.

CSV file – Encoding

Additionaly to the CSV-file delimeter the required encoding is configurable. Available encodings are

  • Windows-1252 (deault use)
  • UTF-8 (new)

Note: by using encoding UTF-8, please make sure that CSV file is saved as UTF-8 for import reasons.

Conditional Mapping – COPY actions

We enhanced the use of copy sources in the custom publish actions. By placing the required source between accolades { } the condition “only publish if value of source exist” can be set.


Source examples:
phoneMobile,name,firstname    =  Target (GDS prefix) will be pulished, if one source contains value (current behaviour).
{phoneMobile},name,firstname = Target will be publsihed only if “phoneMobile” contains value.
{phoneMobile,name,firstname} = Target will be published, only if all fields (phone Mobile, name, firstname) contain value.

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