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Release Info 11th September 2018

Date format for language “English (United States)”

The date format is changed to MM/DD/YY(YY) for all users with the language preference “English (United States)”. The fields “Date of birth”, all “Issue date” and “Expires” are affected.


Note: This new format can be used in CSV file export/imports as well.

New Field on Visa “Linked Passport”

In the new field “Linked passport” in Travel documents section “Visa”, a passport can be associated to a visa.


Note: In terms of synchronisation to/from Cytric this field is used to link the visa to the correct passport, other standard mappings are not affected.

The sources

  • visa#.linkedPaper.country
  •  visa#.linkedPaper.number

can be used for custom publish action (Copy) in order to synchronise the “Linked passport”.

Profile Center “mass-publishing”

The criterias on how to mass-publish (mass-synchronise) profiles are improved. In the past it was only possible to publish profiles to all systems/interfaces. From now on it is possible to choose your system to which the profiles needs to be published. This will increase the performance and speed of mass-synchronisations.

A wizard is available which guides you through the single steps.

Example on traveller mass synchronisation:

Step 1:

Step 2: Select Profile type

Step 3: Select specific company or “all”

Step 4: Select System/Interfaces

With the click on <Preview> the estimated profile count and time for synchronisation will be shown. The Faces user password is required in case of more than 100 profiles will be synchronised, in order to execute the mass-synchronisation.


Galileo new free-text prefix

In the Galileo PAR and BAR a text can be stored without indicating a specific prefix for information with a transfer indicator “N” (No move into PNR). Therefore the new identifier “#” (hashtag) can be used in the custom field definitions or/and in the custom publsih actions.


Sabre new sources for publishing

New sources are available to synchronise information to Sabre Red Profiles, e. g. Hotel Room Type, Car Vehicel Type, Customer Number (DK) Type Leisure, Corporate Travel Policy (CTP), Employee Information Job Titel etc.

A detailed list of all existing sources can be found in our online documentation: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Sabre_Source


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