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Interview with the Bleisure expert Sahil Shah, CEO of Sujester

Bleisure has become a big, essential part of business travel. Still, many TMCs are struggling with the question of how they can benefit from this mega-trend. Sujester might be the right answer!

Sahil, Sujester is a smart way to support the Bleisure trend at business travel. Can you describe in three sentences what you do?

Sujester uses curated, personalised and interactive content to inspire business customers. We provide a policy-conforming content solution to TMCs to provide to their business travellers to help them discover leisure experiences and decide if they want to extend business trips.

This provides TMCs with additional revenue through commission from experiences and potentially from additional hotel nights.

How do TMCs use Sujester?

Sujester is a flexible content solution that can be easily integrated into TMC websites and apps or as a fully standalone branded web app. TMCs market the Sujester content solution to business travellers before the point of booking.

I’m interested to learn about the size of additional revenues TMCs can generate if they use Sujester

There is potentially a sizeable uplift if a TMC can generate additional revenues for each hotel booking. If a 3-night stay is extended for a full weekend, it can increase TMC revenues for that booking by as much as 67%.

Additional TMC revenues can be generated through experiences and activities.

We’ve also received a lot of positive comments on higher customer satisfaction. Many business travelers are happy to have a one-stop-show for the entire Bleisure trip.

What are the typical challenges for TMCs to benefit from Bleisure bookings?

The typical challenge for the TMC is to educate and inspire their clients. Business travellers are time poor so have little time to decide whether to extend trips. The core challenge for the TMC is to inspire them so they think the destination is worth spending a few extra days in – and that it can be booked in a policy conforming way. 

Sujester’s core business is of course still leisure oriented. Who are your customers there?

Our core customers in leisure are travel agencies and tour operators. Over the years we have worked with travel agencies across the UK, in Australia and the USA.

When and where did you start Sujester?

Sujester was started in London in Autumn 2016. 

What is your business model?

We have a SaaS (software as a service) business model. We can either charge a fixed fee, a variable fee (depending on performance/use/commission) and a blend between the two.

About you privately: Where do you live and work?

I live and work in London, UK.

What was your most remarkable travel experience?

My most remarkable travel experience was in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Never have I seen so much flora and fauna that was out of this world. The landscapes were like no other, and I had the opportunity to see penguins and flamingoes on the same day. The Galapagos Islands would be the first recommendation I’d make to a nature lover.

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