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Autor: Cornelia Petermann

Umbrella Faces Release Info: 24th October 2017

Faces UI Languages

Additional to the already existing Faces User Interfaces languages “English, German, Spanish, Italian”, the following new languages are available.

  • French
  • Danish
  • Greenlandic
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Slovak
  • Polish

Main Group (Company – Interfaces setup)

In the new field “Main Group” filed at the „Interfaces“ section a default Cytric Travel policy Group can be chosen. The default group will be use at time of traveller profile creation and in the CSV file upload. If no Travel policy Group (column “sortedTravelGroups#.groupId”) is in the CSV file the Main Group is used for Cytric profile creation.

Greeting „unknown“

A new greeting is added to the gender list. “Unkown” will be published with the identifier “U” into the GDS.

Example on TSA (SR COCS):
SR DOCSYY-/////01JAN80/U//FREUD/STEFAN (Amadeus)

In case of synchronisation to OBE (eg. AeTM, Cytric) no gender is sent.


Arranger & Approver – Email

The search result of Approvers and Arrangers in the “Administrator” section, shows the email address in bracket.


Cytric Source

With the following source the Home Address Mobile Number can be synchronised to/from Cytric.


More sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Cytric_Source .


New Umbrella Faces Module: Self-Registration

Let your travellers enter their own profile information!

Step 1: Generate a secure self-registration link for as many companies as you require:

Step 2: Let the travellers have access to the link.

Step 3: The traveller logs on to Faces using this link.

Step 4: Done!

Gone are the times when you had to cope with incomplete profile data provided in lists. Hassle-free data capturing is your new reality.

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