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We make them match!

Connect your HR files to Umbrella!

Receiving proper HR data from companies is essential for TMCs. It guarantees up-to-date information on new hires, people who are leaving, and employees who are changing jobs.

The simplest and most effective way to integrate these HR feeds into a TMC’s profile management is through Umbrella.

It takes just a few hours to connect an HR feed to your profile management:

  1. Send us a sample – whatever you have, we can handle any format from any HR system
  2. Define the frequency of the HR feed (anything between “every minute” and “once a month”)
  3. Umbrella charges only a small one-off fee for the integration
  4. The interface will be up and running within a few days

Interested? Call us on +41 79 842 1687 or drop an email to helmut.pilz@umbrella.ch

GDPR? Sensitive data? Umbrella is ready!

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes using a modern profile management tool for business travel absolutely crucial. As the person in charge, you always need to know where your data is, who can access it, and what happens to it.

In addition, the GDPR requires a number of technical and organizational measures that data processors such as Umbrella must implement. So that’s why in recent months we have been working hard to prepare Umbrella Faces – and thus our customers – for this new era of data protection.

These requirements include, for example, the special treatment of “sensitive personal information.” These are, for instance, meal preferences which allow a conclusion to be drawn on political, ethnic or religious affiliations – Kosher meals, Muslim meals or Hindu meals, for example.

Travelers can store such “sensitive data” themselves at any time. A travel assistant or travel agent, on the other hand, receives a detailed warning before they are allowed to save such preferences in a profile.

Do you have questions about profile management and GDPR? Don’t hesitate to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

14 interfaces and counting: Farelogix, Conferma Hotel Booker, Concur and more

Every new profile data interface adds considerable value for our dear customers. Naturally, we engage and make it real as soon as possible.

Existing interfaces:

  • Amadeus
  • Amadeus German Rail and Amadeus Rail
  • AeTM
  • Apollo
  • Atlatos
  • Cytric
  • ehotel
  • Farelogix
  • Galileo (including an integration to Smartpoint)
  • Galileo Railmaster
  • Tramada
  • Umbrella.net

Our pipeline:

  • Conferma Hotel Booker (30.11.2017)
  • Concur (31.12.2017)
  • Trainline, Tourist Mobile, mtrip, evolvi, Locomote, Midoco, Magnatech (early 2018)

Umbrella is always happy to receive a request for a new profile data interface. What can we do for YOU?

Please call us at +41 44 933 53 90 or send an email to support@umbrella.ch.

Hotel Booking meets Profile Management

Clean, accurate travel profiles from Umbrella guarantee flawless booking flows in ehotel. Umbrella Faces customers can now synchronize all traveler profiles in real-time to the Berlin-based hotel platform.

ehotel is specifically designed for the needs of business travel organizations. Think of a “meta-booking engine” for hotels that combines the best rates from other platforms such as booking.com or HRS with your own company rates. To top it off, ehotel also offers a centralized billing for all your hotel invoices – just like a BSP for hotels.

Interested? Please call us at +41 79 842 1687 or send an email to support@umbrella.ch.

New Umbrella Faces Module: Self-Registration

Let your travellers enter their own profile information!

Step 1: Generate a secure self-registration link for as many companies as you require:

Step 2: Let the travellers have access to the link.

Step 3: The traveller logs on to Faces using this link.

Step 4: Done!

Gone are the times when you had to cope with incomplete profile data provided in lists. Hassle-free data capturing is your new reality.

Interested? Contact us…

Did you know that we have an interface to www.tramada.com ?

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