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Category: Release Info

Release Info 13th May 2019

Company Interface Setup
Layout change for Galileo

The fields “PCC” and “Host Access Profile” will be moved from the bottom list of fields to the “Target GDS”.

New Layout:

Old Layout:

Note: all existing values form the old layout will be automatically added to the new layout.

Mapping improvements

Some sources were created in the last month to improve the synchronization to Amadeus and Sabre:

* TKOK command can now be used in the custom field definitions and publish actions

* New Sources for Phone & Email Remarks
* New mapping for Hotel chain code “-all-” to Sabre Hotel chain code “ID”

Release Info 26th March 2019

Removed password from user profile

Due to data-protection and security reasons the password and password confirmation fields are removed from the traveller and administrator profiles. Exception: In case of self-registration, the fields are still available.

Please note:

  • Password resets are only possible with “forgot your password” on the login page or with “send credentials”
  • Own profile contains a new link for “change password”. In case of usage the old password needs to be re-entered.

Concur – new sources

CWith the following sources we improved the synchronisation to/from Concur

Concur Field Faces Source
Air Travel Preferences – AAA/CAA AAARate
Air Travel Preferences – Senior/AARP AARPRate
Air Travel Preferences – Government GovtRate
Air Travel Preferences – Military MilitaryRate
Air Travel Preferences – Seat Section SectionPositionCode
Air Travel Preferences – Preferred Departure Airport HomeAirport
Air Travel Preferences – Other Air Travel Preferences AirOther
Air Travel Preferences – Medical Alerts MedicalAlerts
Hotel Travel Preferences – Smoking Preference HotelSmokingCode
Hotel Travel Preferences – RoomType RoomType
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a gym PreferGym
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a pool PreferPool
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: a restaurant PreferRestaurant
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: room service PreferRoomService
Hotel Travel Preferences – hotel that has: Early Check-in PreferEarlyCheckIn
Hotel Travel Preferences – Accessibility needs: Wheelchair access PreferWheelchairAccess
Hotel Travel Preferences – Accessibility needs: Blind accessible PreferAccessForBlind
Car Rental Preferences – Smoking Preference CarSmokingCode
Car Rental Preferences – Car Type CarType
Car Rental Preferences – Message to Car Rental Vendor CarOther
Car Rental Preferences – Car Transmission CarTransmission

More sources can be found at:


Frequent Flyer Card –  removal Air Berlin

We will remove all Frequent Flyer cards form our database on the 1st April 2019, therefore also the drop down will be amended.

In case the numbers are needed, please export the information into the travellers  CSV.

Release Info 11th September 2018

Date format for language “English (United States)”

The date format is changed to MM/DD/YY(YY) for all users with the language preference “English (United States)”. The fields “Date of birth”, all “Issue date” and “Expires” are affected.


Note: This new format can be used in CSV file export/imports as well.

New Field on Visa “Linked Passport”

In the new field “Linked passport” in Travel documents section “Visa”, a passport can be associated to a visa.


Note: In terms of synchronisation to/from Cytric this field is used to link the visa to the correct passport, other standard mappings are not affected.

The sources

  • visa#.linkedPaper.country
  •  visa#.linkedPaper.number

can be used for custom publish action (Copy) in order to synchronise the “Linked passport”.

Profile Center “mass-publishing”

The criterias on how to mass-publish (mass-synchronise) profiles are improved. In the past it was only possible to publish profiles to all systems/interfaces. From now on it is possible to choose your system to which the profiles needs to be published. This will increase the performance and speed of mass-synchronisations.

A wizard is available which guides you through the single steps.

Example on traveller mass synchronisation:

Step 1:

Step 2: Select Profile type

Step 3: Select specific company or “all”

Step 4: Select System/Interfaces

With the click on <Preview> the estimated profile count and time for synchronisation will be shown. The Faces user password is required in case of more than 100 profiles will be synchronised, in order to execute the mass-synchronisation.


Galileo new free-text prefix

In the Galileo PAR and BAR a text can be stored without indicating a specific prefix for information with a transfer indicator “N” (No move into PNR). Therefore the new identifier “#” (hashtag) can be used in the custom field definitions or/and in the custom publsih actions.


Sabre new sources for publishing

New sources are available to synchronise information to Sabre Red Profiles, e. g. Hotel Room Type, Car Vehicel Type, Customer Number (DK) Type Leisure, Corporate Travel Policy (CTP), Employee Information Job Titel etc.

A detailed list of all existing sources can be found in our online documentation: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Sabre_Source


Release Info 16th July 2018

Send Credentials – Password security

Instead of sending the plain text password within the “credentials” and “forgot password” email, Faces is sending a link to set up a password before login. Please see the following text examples:

Credentials Email:
Dear Mr. Max Musterann

Welcome to Umbrella Faces, a traveller profile management tool provided by your travel agency Umbrella’s Business Travel. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to easily correct and complete your traveller profile.

Your access credential are as follows:

Forgot Password Email:
Dear Mr. Max Mustermann

We received a request to reset your password in Umbrella Faces, a traveller profile management tool provided by your travel agency Umbrella’s Business Travel.

Set your password by clicking on this link. Please note that this link will expire in 48 hours.

If you did not request to reset your password, please ignore this email


By clicking on  this link the user will be directed to the “Umbrella Faces – Change Password” site.

After the password is enterd, the user is able to log in.

Airline Company Program – SR CLID

In case of using the Amades GDS Interface the drop dwon menu “Publish as” in the company “Preferences – Airline Company Program” is expanded with SR CLID. The Amadeus prefix SR CLID with the relevant airlines will be used.

Note: Please be aware that not all airlines do support this prefix.

Release Info 09th May 2018

Interfaces setup company – NEW for Cytric

The display of the Cytric Interface-Setup at company level changed slightly. The fields “Cytric Org.” and “Cytric Sever” moved to the list of Target GDS. The Cytric checkbox needs to be activated to view both fields.

With this change we improved the following process:

  • If Cytric Org. is removed from the company profile, also all linked traveller profiles in Cytric are deleted.
  • If company profile is deleted, also all linked traveller profiles in Cytric are deleted.
  • Press “Disconnect travellers form Cytric” before execute above transaction to prevent deletion of Cytric profiles.

GDPR Informative duty – Print profile

In oder to meet the GDPR requirement to be able to inform a traveller of all stored data it is possilble to print the traveller profile.

CSV file – Encoding

Additionaly to the CSV-file delimeter the required encoding is configurable. Available encodings are

  • Windows-1252 (deault use)
  • UTF-8 (new)

Note: by using encoding UTF-8, please make sure that CSV file is saved as UTF-8 for import reasons.

Conditional Mapping – COPY actions

We enhanced the use of copy sources in the custom publish actions. By placing the required source between accolades { } the condition “only publish if value of source exist” can be set.


Source examples:
phoneMobile,name,firstname    =  Target (GDS prefix) will be pulished, if one source contains value (current behaviour).
{phoneMobile},name,firstname = Target will be publsihed only if “phoneMobile” contains value.
{phoneMobile,name,firstname} = Target will be published, only if all fields (phone Mobile, name, firstname) contain value.

Release Info 12th April 2018

Phone-Country-Code & Flag

For every Faces field in which a phone number can be entered (phone business, phone private etc.) a drop down of existing phone-country-codes with flag is available.

Example traveller profile:

  • For every new traveller profile the phone-country-code from the company country is automatically selected.
  • For existing profiles a neutral phone-country-code & flag (no content) will exist.
  • If a profile is created/modified from external system (Cytric, HR-Feed, Read from profile etc.) and the phone number contains e.g. “0041” or “+41” the phone-country-code & flag will be selected.

Sabre improvements

Primary Passport always first offical document

The primary passport is always published as the first “Official Documents” into the Sabre Red Profile.

New Sources “Air Preference” and “Employment Information”

The Sabre fields can now be synchronised by using the following new sources in the “my agency” custom field definitions:

Air Preferences – Discount Vendor and Discount ID: DIS¥
Note: Airline Vendor and Discount ID need to be stored in a single custom field

Employment Information

  • Employee ID: employeeId
  • Cost Center:   employeeCostCenter
  • Department:  department
  • Project ID:      projectId

Additional sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Sabre_Source

Administrator “all companies”

We enhanced the function for the administrator “Support function – Administrate companies – Manage all companies”.


  • Custom fields with “R/W” AGENCY_ONLY are read- & writeable
  • All fields in the company “Interface Setup” are readable

Refresh Screen after change of language

By changing the language preference in any profile the Faces UI is automatically dispalying the chosen language. No browser refresh or log out & log in is needed anymore.


Release Info 15th February 2018

Data Security Requirements

Due to changes within the data security requirements and the PCI DSS standards there are some changes in Umbrella Faces.

All Agencies:
Due to the new password security guidelines we have updated our tool accordingly. After being logged in for a certain time and without working in the tool, session timeouts will apply. There are the following new rules of password handling:

  • the password must be changed at least every 90 days
  • the password must have a minimum length of 7 characters
  • the password must contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers and at least one special character
  • when changing the password none of the last five passwords can be used
  • after 6 failed login attempts a user account is locked for 30 minutes
  • after 15 minutes of inactivity, the password must be entered to reactivate the terminal / session
  • the maximum session time after which the user must log in again must not exceed 200 minutes
  • ‘remember me’ function had to be removed

PCI DSS Compliant Agencies:

Company and agency administrators are given the option to click on an ‘eye’ behind the tokenized credit card on a profile to see the full card details.
As soon as having clicked on the ‘eye’ the process is handled by Datatrans which relies on further security checks.
Note: Company and agency administrators need valid email addresse in the user account to receive security tokens.

  1. Click on “eye” behind tokenized credit card
  2. Enter 6 digit activation code which is sent to the administrator email
  3. Enter Security Code
  4. Credit card in full text

Primary Passport

In the section „Travel Documents – Passports” a new checkbox “Primary Passport” is available to identify a passport for primary use. Only one passport can be set as primary.


Note: all existing and new profiles will have this checkbox unticked.

New Mapping if passport is set as primary
Amadeus CSX: the profile transfer indicator “A” (automatically moved into PNR) is send to the profile
Cytric: the “Make this Government ID your primary Government ID for APIS and TSA Secure Flight Data” in the Government ID is set to “yes”
Sabre Red Profile: the “Include Secure Flight Information (SR DOCS/DOCO)” is set to “yes”

New copy source for publishing:
primaryPassport (usable with e.g. primaryPassport.number)
secondaryPassports# (usable with e.g. secondaryPassports#.number)
Note: existing source “passport#.” can still be used, no change in the functionality.

Check on Privacy Policy accepted in Cytric

In “my agency”, “Interfaces” and Target system “CYTRIC” it is possible to configure that privacy policy in Cytric needs to be accepted in Cytric for the profile to be imported to Faces. Therefore the new checkbox “Require pushed profiles to have accepted privacy policy” is available.

Activate: all new incoming profiles from Cytric with privacy policy accepted “NO” will be blocked and not imported to Faces
Deactivate: no check on the privacy policy (current behaviour)

Note: If a profile is already imported to Faces and the function is activated after the import the profile will be still updated and/or deleted.

Release Info 22nd December 2017

GDPR: Processing sensitive personal data

GDPR (to be put into effect by the EU as 25.05.2018) stipulates:

Processing of special categories of personal data

  1. Processing of personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation shall be prohibited.

In order to meet this requirements of GDPR a new warning message in the traveller profile is displayed in the following situation:

  1. Travellers Citizenship is a country within the European Community
  2. When a traveller (“profile owner”) selects one of the following meal requests: Hindu, Kosher or Moslem Meal, no warning appears. However if an administrator selects one of the mentioned meal requests, the following warning is displayed:

When uploading data using the csv-file upload function in the Profile Center, a new checkbox is displayed.

If the checkbox is not activated profiles with above values will not be imported.

When Faces receives data from an external system (OBT such as Cytric) we assume that the compliance to GDPR is implemented in the external system.

Special Characters translation – Company Level

The translation of special charactes into the GDS traveller name element is based on the country from the company profile (former it was based on the agency country).

Traveller name: MÜLLER PETER
Associated to a company with country “Germany” will be published as MUELLER  PETER
Associated to a company wiht country “Norway” will be published as MULLER PETER


Season’s greetings!

Release Info 27th November 2017

New Target GDS (Interfaces) new design & function

The drop-down menu in the “Interfaces” section at the company profile will be changed to check boxes.

This functionality is provides the possibility of combining different interfaces, formerly it was only possible to select a single or all Target GDS’s. With this new function it is also possible to de-select all Target GDS and only save the profile in Faces without publishing to the GDS. By adding a new company only one Target GDS is activated. Please be award, that the deactivation of a GDS including a <Save>, will automatically delete company and all associated travellers in the deactivated GDS.

Cytric Source

With the following source the Home Address Email can be synchronised to/from Cytric.


More sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Cytric_Source .

Umbrella Faces Release Info: 24th October 2017

Faces UI Languages

Additional to the already existing Faces User Interfaces languages “English, German, Spanish, Italian”, the following new languages are available.

  • French
  • Danish
  • Greenlandic
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Slovak
  • Polish

Main Group (Company – Interfaces setup)

In the new field “Main Group” filed at the „Interfaces“ section a default Cytric Travel policy Group can be chosen. The default group will be use at time of traveller profile creation and in the CSV file upload. If no Travel policy Group (column “sortedTravelGroups#.groupId”) is in the CSV file the Main Group is used for Cytric profile creation.

Greeting “unknown”

A new greeting is added to the gender list. “Unkown” will be published with the identifier “U” into the GDS.

Example on TSA (SR COCS):
SR DOCSYY-/////01JAN80/U//FREUD/STEFAN (Amadeus)

In case of synchronisation to OBE (eg. AeTM, Cytric) no gender is sent.


Arranger & Approver – Email

The search result of Approvers and Arrangers in the “Administrator” section, shows the email address in bracket.


Cytric Source

With the following source the Home Address Mobile Number can be synchronised to/from Cytric.


More sources can be found at: http://www.umbrella.ch/tzdoc/index.php/Profile_Traveller#Cytric_Source .


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Phone: +41 44 933 53 90
E-Mail: info@umbrella.ch