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Order handling

for private and/or business travel

With Umbrella Midoffice you can...

  • Record client profiles

    Record client profiles

    With Umbrella Midoffice you can record all your client data as the basis for a simple but effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Umbrella.net distinguishes between these customer types: private person, family and company. For Business Travel Agencies, the module “Commercial” offers interesting client data options.

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  • Import travel data

    Import travel data

    Reservations are transferred directly from the reservation systems to Umbrella.net. Thanks to this automatic electronic transmission you will save time and you can minimize potential sources of error.

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  • Handling orders

    Handling orders

    Professional order handling and keeping an overview. Thanks to Umbrella.net you will always have your orders under control! The module “Agenda” helbs you managing the tasks – nothing is forgotten.

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  • Create documents

    Create documents

    The system creates orders for management purposes at the touch of a button. It subsequently uses the data to also create documents such as invoices or travel itineraried, print them or send by email directly to the client. With the module “Multi Purpose Documents” you will gain access to even more document types such as offers or accompaying letters.

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  • Monitor finances

    Monitor finances

    Entering payments, issuing receipts and evaluating outstanding amounts. With Umbrella.net your finances are under control. Thanks to our “E-Payment” modules, payments via all current credit cards can be directly processed – this process is even PCI-DSS-conform with Datatrans.

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  • Evaluate data

    Evaluate data

    User-friendly standard evaluations show (for example) turnover per employer or per product. Open items or outstanding/due customer payments can be checked as well as customer addresses selected. All evaluations can be exported to Excel. Our module “Purchase” also offers margin control.

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  • ...and much more!

    ...and much more!

    As not every travel agency requires the same functions, additional modules are offered to ensure minimal complexity. And so Umbrella.net can adjust to meet your individual requirements. The range of modules is enormous: forreign currency, accounting or even a travel app is available… We will be happy to advise you!

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    Intuitive operation

     Thanks to its' easy handling you complete more work in less time

    Software updates included

    Umbrella never stands still. Umbrella.net is continuously developed and adjusted to the current market situation.

    High level of data protection

    Umbrella software operates via a central server in a professional computer centre. Data is backed up daily.

    Web-based - no installation needed

    Order handling with Umbrella.net is completely web-based. You can save the costs for technicians.

    Friendly user support in Switzerland

    We offer a service concept which gives new meaning to the term customer service.

    Umbrella Organisation AG
    Binzstrasse 33
    CH - 8620 Wetzikon

    Phone: +41 44 933 53 90
    E-Mail: info@umbrella.ch